Students served in the

2015-2016 School year:

The Student Aid Fund served nearly 100 students with new shoes and eyeglasses this school year.

Student Aid Fund

The Student Aid Fund began as a trust fund established in 1923 by Elizabeth Hayhurst to give temporary financial assistance to students of PPS. Portland Council PTA uses the interest from this fund along with local PTA and annual private donor contributions to provide assistance to PPS students.  Over the past five years, the Student Aid Fund has provided assistance for nearly 1000 students.  

The Student Aid Fund may be used for shoes, eye exams/glasses, necessary class fees and or materials (not tuition) or an emergency bus pass (once per year) and other special needs. The Student Aid Fund will not pay for general school supplies.  Clothing requests will be funded only after a visit to the Portland Council PTA Clothing Center.

Applications can be obtained from your school office.  

Donations to the Student Aid Fund are appreciated. You can make a donation here.

Questions?  Contact Jackee Duvall, Student Aid Director